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april - june 2024



"The Prayer Template Of Jesus Explained" by Dr. Myles Munroe |"

"Do You Believe God Has Healed You? (Stop Begging God)” by Andrew Wommack

Worship Songs

(HGWFOM is CCLI Streaming Plus licensed)

HGWFOM Theme Song - “How Great Is Our God" – world edition featuring Chris Tomlin


"God of Revival" by Brian and Jenn Johnson [feat. Phil Wickham]



"Everlasting God" by - Josue Avila (live in Calvary Orlando)

"Oh Give Thanks" by Judith Mcallister

"Psaume 151 & Jireh " by TRIBL Elevation Worship & Maverick City


"Jireh”  by Elevation Worship & Maverick City


“Psalm 151” by Terry Clark

"Yeshua" -official lyric video (English-Spanish-Portuguese-Hebrew) -  WorshipMob (live)


          My beloved is the most beautiful Among thousands and thousands


         O Meu amado é o mais belo entre milhares e milhares


        My beloved is, He's more beautiful Than millions and millions Yeshu hu oo oo ah, ha aa aa                                    aa, ah aa aa aa Yeshu hu oo oo ah, ha aa aa aa, ah aa aa aa


        Mi Amado es Aún más lindo que Millones y millones


        For yours is the kingdom Yours is the power Yours in the glory forever Amen There is only  one of you,                 Jesus There is only one of you, Lord There is only one Messiah Yeshua Hamashiach Beauty, beauty,                    beautifu  l Glory, glory, glorious You are You are


        Hashiva li s’sone yishecha, Adonai החזיר לי את שמחת הישועה שלך, אלוהים "


        Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, God" Yeshua, you are the most beautiful and I love you, yes I love            you There is none like you across the Earth You are the only one You are the only one You're the only one            The only Messiah The only Savior of the World The only Savior of my heart Yeshua, You are holy Your                  name is holy You are worthy of all praise You are worthy of it all Worthy of everything


        Lindo, lindo, lindo es Gloria, Gloria eu Te do Jesus, Jesus Take me into your throne room Let me see your            beauty Let me see your face Lindo, lindo, lindo es Gloria, Gloria, Gloria a tí Cristo Cristo Me leva A sala do          trono Mostra a Tua beleza Quero ver Tua face, Deus


        Yeshua Mashiach Messiah


"WAY MAKER" in Hebrew, Arabic & English - One for Israel Ministries


"OLORUN AGBAYE" -   Nathaniel Bassey featuring CHANDLER MOORE & OBA

Note: Here are the African Chants translations as they praise HIM!! (Translation of the chants, for the non-Yoruba speaking folks.)

Olorun Agbaye oooo! - GOD of all the earth

Oluwa Oluwa wa - GOD, our LORD

Oruko re ti lewa to - How beautiful is YOUR name

E gbe nu aiye - YOU lived on earth

E gbe nu orun - YOU live in heaven

E tun fikale sinu omo adarihun - YOU still came to abide in us!

Obirji - Mighty

A ji pojo iku da - ONE who can control even death from his resting place.

Atabatubu Eledumare (synonymous to Adonai) - The inexhaustible, multi-faceted GOD, who owns the heavens

Amamamumu Eleruniyi- The gigantic GOD who is fearful in praises.

Olorun nla to n s'ohun nla - Great GOD that does great things.

Giga, Giga, Giga l'oruko re - Great, great, great is YOUR name.

Atobitan - ONE who has achieved the highest level of greatness possible

Atobijulo - Greater than every entity that could ever exist

Atobatele - HE was a king before anyone acknowledged that HE is a king.

Atofarati - Anyone can rely on YOU

Adunbagbe - It is sweet to live with/in YOU

Adunbalo - It is sweet to work with YOU.

Ibu Olorun ti gunju - No language is well developed enough to explain how deep YOUR wisdom flows.

Gbigbega, Gbigbega, Gbigbega ni o o Olorun mi Agbaye - Worthy, worthy, worthy to be praised are YOU LORD of all the earth.

Olugbala/Olugbanila - Saviour Oluwosan/Oluwonisan - Healer

Aragba yamu yamu - The bombshell HIMself

Ekun Oko Pharaoh - The powerful one that destroyed Pharaoh and all HIS chariots and is still in the business of destroying pharaohs in the lives of HIS children

Oba wa, Oba wo, Oba wa wa wo - The overseer of all the galaxies.

Bashorun Ode Orun - Commander in Chief of all the heavens.

Giga, Giga, Giga loruko re - Great, great, great is YOUR name.


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